For over 50 years, the Andersen companies have led the field in Ethylene Oxide sterilization--providing equipment and expertise to every continent; from mobile field hospitals in developing countries, to the most sophisticated tertiary care institutions on the globe. Over the generations, and as companies looked to save costs, a niche appeared for companies with a need for sterilization but without a desire to bring it in-house--and so in 1996, Andersen Scientific was born.

Andersen Scientific quickly set itself apart from the other sterilization facilities when it came to turnaround times and costs. It offers custom low temperature sterilization cycles, immediate processing and in-house biological indicator incubation--all for one low price.

As the industrial sector grew, our services grew. Andersen Scientific began offering sterilization validation packages, packaging validations, accelerated ageing and shipping and transportation studies. With the appearance of start-up companies and incubators, the need for clinical evaluations on developing devices became a necessity. Andersen responded by offering single lot or batch release runs. This allows a company to test its devices in or on humans without the need for full validation. This process has become invaluable to the industry since it allows devices to be modified without the need for revalidation. The batch release process is extremely popular, and it has become a core part of our business.

In 2010 and as part of an expansion process, Andersen Scientific moved into the heart of Research Triangle Park (RTP), NC so that it could position itself closer to the emerging technologies. However, our customer base is as diverse in the devices it sterilizes as the area it serves (from CA to NY, FL to WA, domestic and international). We have become the custom specialists whether you serve the biotechnology, combination products, medical device or nanotechnology fields.

We use the patented Andersen EOGas process where very small amounts of sterilant are used to sterilize small to mid-sized volume loads. Unlike traditional chambers, where an entire 696 cubic foot (12 pallet) chamber is filled with Ethylene Oxide, our process uses multiple "micro" chambers, each measuring only 1 to 1 cubic feet in volume. This allows us to process a single device in our sterilizer and only charge the "micro" chamber price. Each chamber is loaded with its own Ethylene Oxide gas cartridge; this way there is no waste when smaller loads are processed. Furthermore, each chamber can be loaded into the sterilizer at different times, giving us increased flexibility when loads are processed. It is this function that allows us to decrease our fees and our turnaround times.