If you have medical devices, materials or "widgets" that you just want sterilized for in-house use, research and development and/or animal use (not for human use), you can use our exposure only option--nothing could be simpler. Just call our staff, and we will generate a service agreement. Our process request form is available for downloading under the forms and new clients tab. This form must be completed and submitted with your devices. Most devices that arrive at our facility are packaged for sterilization the same day. They are sterilized overnight and removed from sterilization the following morning. Your devices will be packaged in the same box they were submitted in and picked up by a shipping courier the same day. You get to choose the method of shipping. You can use your own FedEx or UPS account, or use ours. We do not include any handling fees--just the courier quoted rate.


We use the patented Andersen EOGas process where very small amounts of sterilant are used to sterilize small to mid-sized volume loads. Unlike traditional chambers, where an entire 696 cubic foot (12 pallet) chamber is filled with Ethylene Oxide, our process uses multiple "micro" chambers, each measuring only 1 to 1 cubic feet in volume. This allows us to process a single device in our sterilizer and only charge the "micro" chamber price. Each chamber is loaded with its own Ethylene Oxide gas cartridge; this way there is no waste when smaller loads are processed. Furthermore, each chamber can be loaded into the sterilizer at different times, giving us increased flexibility when loads are processed. It is this function that allows us to decrease our fees and our turnaround times.


typically 24 hours


Starting from $300 for 2 bags (see pricing here)


Our standard process includes placement and removal /incubation of biological indicators, as well as immediate gas dose monitoring. Each sterilization bag generates six (6) pages of quality control documentation; the same as our validated processes. Even though the exposure only cycles are the same as our validated cycles, the lack of validation documentation (in most cases) makes this option unsuitable for devices intended for human use. Exposure ONLY cycles are typically used for clinical animal studies, biocompatibility testing, laboratory testing and anytime where devices are not labeled sterile.